Sexual Attractions

The major theme of the Book is conversion of Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy without getting trapped into Sexual Attraction. There are many characters through out various religions depicting the psyche of Sexual Attraction.

Miteiya speaks about Venus while decoding deities of Roman mythology in Part 1 of the book. In Part 2, He speaks about Greek goddess Aphrodite Pandemos and Madri of Mahabharata in great details. Background stories of Aphrodite Pandemos like “The Golden Apple” have been decoded.

Miteiya deals with subject of Sexual Energy at innumerable instances through out the book. Miteiya speaks about Madri in Part 2 and explains how sexual attraction is a scientific discipline. He goes in detail explaining that the real motto of copulation is simply to produce a “better offspring”. Myth of Malini as previous birth of Madri has been depicted in the book.

The most interesting reading can be seen during decoding of Dhrupad, the father of Madri. Miteiya suggests that Dhrupad is the symbol of subconscious mind. Scientific analysis of the fact that “Sexual Attraction” is a subconscious entity is interesting discourse of Miteiya. Myths of Madri in the epic of Mahabharata are used as skeleton to explain various insights about “Sexual Attraction”

Miteiya speaks about Mohini in Part 3 and explains the underlying meaning. He speaks about worshipping various body parts of “Sati” in order to achieve reconciliation with sexual attractions.

Miteiya’s discourse on relationship between Krishna and Madri is also enlightening and it appears in Part 2.