This book is one of the biggest revelations in the history of mankind. Having said this, such revelations are not uncommon and do not contain a single new word or insight. It simply re-narrates the same old myths and stories. These myths are not just simple stories but are symbolic representation of the “Human Software Programs”.

Human Behavior is a “Cognitive Exhibition” in response to internal and external stimuli. This behavior has a predetermined pattern unless a person interferes consciously and alters it. Human behavior is dependent upon biological hormones, instincts and patterns.

Such automated responses are similar to “Software Programs” having a visible effect on functioning of the body and human life. The inputs to this “Software Program” may be subjected to sociological environment and could remain difficult to alter. However, conscious understanding of these “Software Programs” and techniques to correct the same would have significant impact on the evolution of “Human Life”.

This Book aims to explain these “Software Programs” created due to biological, sociological and instinctive needs of the human. These programs have been modified with time and environment to remain logical and valid. Understanding these “Programs” and learning the techniques to alter them is similar to retrieving the “Source Codes”. With your own source codes in your hands, you remain no more a biological robot. You remain no more a human but become the “Super-Human”.