Third Chakra (Manipura)

Thirds Chakra or Manipura Chakra is established just above belly button but little below the “Chest-Cage” ”. Manipura or the third chakra is situated in thesuperimposing the stomach of the human. Stomach governs fear factor and digestion in human being.

During breathing upon this chakra, one should contemplate the story of Hiranakashyap and Prahalad. Hiranakashyap had earned a boon by imagining all the possibilities of his killer. He Hiranakashyap tried to burn Prahalad in the fire but god converted fire into cold flames and saved Prahalad. Prahalad means explosion. At this time, Miteiya asks to contemplate story of Abraham, whom God saved by converting fire into cold flames. At this stage,Manipura chakra, you have to leave the imagination of any deity or idols and expect the unexpected form of God.

The root word for this chakra is “Ram”. Miteiya suggests that Ram was not a historical figure but symbolic representation of “Unison with Ra”. Ra is Supreme God Sun in Egyptian mythology. In theis symbol of Manipura Chakra, resides “Rudra”. Miteiya advises to contemplate the unison of Slavic Deity “Rod” and Egyptian deity “Ra”. From perspective of Sanatan Dharma, Lord Ram in meditation of Shiva can be contemplated. The Tantric goddess associated with Manipura chakra is “Lakini”. From Buddhist perspective, you can contemplate “Vajrpaani Buddha”.

At this stage, be ready for the unexpected form of God like Narsimha avatar of Vishnu. Be brave like Mahavir and pierce this stage with bravery. Be the Ta Ha, Be the Muhammad and cross this stage.