Weak Physiology

As per Miteiya, “Paris of Greek mythology” and “Pandu of Mahabharata” are symbol of Physical weakness. You may tempt to think that physical weakness may be selective in some people and should not be considered as an overall deficiency of mankind.

Miteiya however believes that Physical weakness is inherent deficiency of human life. Everyone advances towards old age and death at a particular pace. This advancement towards death is executed through oxidation of biological cells within the body.

You will read in the book that Paris favored Aphrodite Pandemos and ruined his life. Similarly Pandu could not resist the temptation of his wife Madri and died due to sexual intercourse.

Miteiya believes that a mediocre human life is trapped with two obligations depicted as Kunti and Madri. Kunti is “Parental Psyche” wherein a person wants to become father or mother. And the second obligation is Madri depicting indulgence in sexual activities.

In the book, Miteiya says that Pandu did not deserve a seat in the heaven and did not earn respect post his death. A descriptive explanation about Pandu and associated myths would reveal many secrets to an active reader.